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StyleGuide for Prototyping and Designing in the Browser
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Staple Style Guide

This is my Style Guide (many people enjoy the term Style Tile, thats the hip naming convention for it). Right now it is very rough around the edges, and has my own sites style in it, as a test.

A Style Guide is a great way to document how a website is to be structured and the consistency of visual elements on the screen (and potentially off-screen too). It offers a simple style that anyone can follow when creating for the website. It can also be used as a deliverable in place of a static image mockup or other types of comps. This is in many ways better because it shows a web design in its native enviornment—the web.


View My Style-Guide


How to Use it

However the hell you want. This is just my version of a style guide that I feel hits many of the rules, treatments and design decisions when building. You can adjust this to your workflow. Also, I welcome all suggestions, so if you have any issues or pull requests don't be shy.

I'll be adding a bit more guided use-case once I get a bit further along.

In the Pipeline

  • reorganize stylesheets and simplify
  • add additional modules for style specs
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