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A few basic helpers for jasmine javascript
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A few basic helpers for Jasmine javascript

toBeObject: verify if parameter is object

toBeString: verify if parameter is string

toBeNumber: verify if parameter is a number

toBeFunction: verify if parameter is a function

toBeUnique: verify the uniqueness of the given parameter (array or object)

toExist: verify the existence of the given parameter

toBeUndefined: checks if the given parameter is undefined

toBeVisible: checks if the given dom element is visible

toBeNull: checks if the given parameter is null

DOM: simplify interactions with DOM

  • createElement

    • dom.createElement('div')
  • ofType

    • dom.createElement('input').ofType('text')
  • withId

    • dom.createElement('div').withId('myId')
  • withClasses

    • dom.createElement('div').withClasses('firstClass secondClass')
  • withContent

    • dom.createElement('div').withContent('this is my content sample')
  • withValue

    • dom.createElement('input').ofType('text').withValue('this is my sample value');
  • andAppendTo

    • Ex.1 - object: dom.createElement('div').andAppendTo(document.body)
    • Ex.2 - ID: dom.createElement('div').andAppendTo('myBodyId')
    • Ex.3 - Tag Name: dom.createElement('div').andAppendTo('body')
    • Ex.4 - Class Name: dom.createElement('div').andAppendTo('myBodyClass')
  • getCreatedElements

    • Returns all the elements created through this helper, for debugging purporses.
    • dom.getCreatedElements()
  • destroy

    • Destroy all the elements created through this helper
    • dom.destroy()
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