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1. Name (Project heading) : Android based Total security for system authentication

2. Remote Centre ID (RC_ID) : 1067

3. College / Institute Name : St.Francis Institute of Technology

4. City, State, Pin Code : Borivali –Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400066

5. Name/’s of the Student : Asst. Prof. Bhavesh Pandya

6. About (Short Description / Summary):
This project describes a method of implementing two factor authentication using mobile phones. 
The proposed method guarantees that authenticating to services, such as online banking or ATM machines, 
is done in a very secure manner. The proposed system involves using a mobile phone as a software token 
for One Time Password generation. The generated One Time Password is valid for only a short user defined 
period of time and is generated by factors that are unique to both, the user and the mobile device itself. 
Additionally, an SMS-based mechanism is implemented as both a backup mechanism for retrieving the password 
and as a possible mean of synchronization. The proposed method has been implemented and tested. 
Initial results show the success of the proposed method.

7. Install (Installation procedure): Step by step procedure to install software
• In this project all employee needs to enter username password and auto generated number from admin to log in.
• If anybody wants to use a computer of another employee then also without that employee permission with the help 
of mobile message nobody can access that machine.

8. Usage (add instruction on how to use the app, or you can redirect to External link if you have one):-
•We can add this software for attendance measurement in company as well as college or any organization.
•Employer needs to send message to the machine for security reason which will send message with time and date.
•Here we are checking both the machines system time and date. (User as well as Admin).

9. Contact (email id or mailing list link/google-group):-

10. License (GNU GPL version 3 with link to full license on site.)


Message Authentication Sytem



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