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All existing and popular types of Algorithms implemented in C++
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Dynamic Programming
String Matching
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This repo contains all existing types of Algorithms implemented in C++

Algorithms commit status Build Status Language Codacy Badge CodeFactor

1. Searching

Searching Technique Complexity(Worst Case) Link Any Other Resource
Linear O(n) Linear Search
Binary O(log n) Binary Search
Ternary O(log n) Ternary Search
Interpolation O(log log n) Interpolation Search Derivation of Formula
Jump O(n ½) Jump Search

2. Sorting

Sorting Technique Complexity(Worst Case) Link Method Stable Class
Selection O(n^2) Selection Sort Selection No Comparison Sort
Insertion O(n^2) Insertion Sort Insertion Yes Comparison Sort
Counting O(n + k) Counting Sort - Yes Non-Comparison Sort
Quick O(n log n) Quick Sort Partitioning No Comparison Sort
Bubble O(n^2) Bubble Sort Exchanging Yes Comparison
Merge Sort O(n log n) Merge Sort Merging Yes -

3. Pattern Matching

Technique Complexity(Worst Case) Link
Knuth-Morris-Pratt O(n+m) KMP

4. Dynamic Programming

Technique Complexity(Worst Case) Link
Fibonacci O(n) fibonacci

5. Divide & Conquer

Technique Complexity(Worst Case) Link
Binary Search O(log n) Binary Search
Quick Sort O(n log n) Quick Sort
Merge Sort O(n log n) Merge Sort


MIT License


See CONTRIBUTING file for contributing.

All the Algorithms have been complied using GCC 8.1.0 (MinGW) on a Winodws Machine & GCC 8.2.0 on Ubuntu (Mate) Machine.

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