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Modern and moderately fast sudoku solver
C++ CMake
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Modern and moderately fast sudoku solver

Building and Configuring the Project

This project uses CMake. Just change to a build directory of your choice, invoke cmake <src_dir> and call make/ninja/your build system of choice. This will set up all dependencies and then build the project.

Tests are not built by default. If you want to build the tests, pass -DBuildTests=On on the CMake command line.

Building this project produces a binary sudoku_solve in <build_dir>/bin and a static library libssolve.a in <build_dir>/lib as well as a binary test in <build_dir>/tests if building tests is enabled.


Invoke the binary with a single file as argument, which should contain one or more lines of sudokus. Each sudoku has to be encoded as a single line of text consisting of exactly 81 characters. Each character takes a value in the range ['1', '9'] or is . to represent an empty field, respectively.

For each such line, the program outputs a 81 characters long string of digits representing the solved sudoku.


The code quality of this project is currently abysmal due to being hacked together without much of a plan in a comparatively short amount of time. Please don't judge me too harshly :). Refactors are coming.

The program cannot currently identify any unsolvable sudokus, and is otherwise not too stable with regard to malformed input. If you feed it bad input, expect crashes to happen.

Acknowledgments and Dependencies

This project uses fmt and tl::expected, as well as Catch2 for tests.

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