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2017 BiG-CZ / ODM2 Hands-On Workshop

November 15-16, 2017 at UC Riverside, CA.

2017-BiGCZ-WorkshopAgenda Google Doc.

Workshop Topics

We provide information, links and other helpful content on separate pages for each of the twelve workshop topics:

  1. Introduction to BiG-CZ & ODM2
  2. Demo of ODM2 on Jupyter Hub
  3. More on ODM2 Controlled Vocabularies
  4. Installing ODM2 from Conda
  5. ODM2 Datasets, YODA file & Spreadsheet Ingest
  6. Demo of ODMToolsPython Desktop Application
  7. Tour of ODM2 Web Applications
  8. Tour of BiG-CZ Data Portal
  9. Using ODM2 with Python & R to Integrate Data
  10. Using the ODM2 Admin Web Application
  11. ODM2PythonAPI
  12. ODM2RESTfulWebServices & WOFpy

Hands-On Content

For this workshop, participants will only need a web-browser and a GitHub account.

Hands-on activities in Python and R will be provided a Jupyter notebooks dynamically running code in a customized, personal environment on JupyterHub. All required notebook files, supporting code, data files, and Conda environment files will be cloned from on a second repository:

  • This repository is intended for git cloning into your personal JupyterHub user space or your local computer.
  • Note for BiG CZ Team: See the issues created on that repo for info on where we're at vis a vis JupyterHub and tutorial contents, problems we're addressing, etc

All other hands-on activities will use web applications.

Additional Workshop Resources

JupyterHub test setup

ODM2 Jupyter Notebooks

From May 2017 presentation/demo. Hosted on HydroShare, uploaded here as a temporary convenience


Introductions to git and conda


2017 BiG-CZ/ODM2 Hands-On Workshop, Nov. 15-16 at UC Riverside, CA.



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