Go wrapper for SportMonks Soccer API https://www.sportmonks.com/
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Golang wrapper for the Sportmonks Soccer API

Pull requests are welcome!


$ go get github.com/BialkowskiSz/go-sportmonks


package main

import (

	sm "github.com/BialkowskiSz/go-sportmonks"

func main() {
	g, err := sm.Get("fixtures/between/2016-01-01/2018-01-01", "", 0, false)
	//  Can also use sportmonks globals for code clarity and readability
	//  g, err := sm.Get("fixtures/between/2016-01-01/2018-01-01", sm.NoIncludes, sm.FirstOrAllPages, sm.SinglePage)
	if err != nil {
  • Contains functions for all Sportmonks endpoints as well as base custom Get function
g, err := sm.Leagues("", 0, true)
g, err := sm.Seasons("", 0, true)
g, err := sm.LivescoresNow(sm.NoIncludes)
  • Contains build in logger which is used for goroutine errors. Logger can be altered to requirements
f, err := os.OpenFile("sportmonks_log.txt", os.O_CREATE|os.O_APPEND, 0666)
if err != nil {