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A Datepicker for Twitter Bootstrap, integrated with Rails assets pipeline
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bootstrap4 datetime picker rails

Makes Tempus Dominus available to your rails appliation through the asset pipeline.

Usage Instructions

Add the following to your Gemfile and then run bundle

gem 'bootstrap4-datetime-picker-rails'

Add the following to application.js

//= require moment
// If you require timezone data (see moment-timezone-rails for additional file options)
//= require moment-timezone-with-data
//= require tempusdominus-bootstrap-4

Add the following to application.scss

@import "tempusdominus-bootstrap-4";


*= require tempusdominus-bootstrap-4

If you are not using Sass, add the following to your application.css

*= require tempusdominus-bootstrap-4


The Tempus Dominus datepicker exposes Moment.js localizations. A list of available Moment localizations are found here.

Select which JavaScript file you want to use and then add the following line in application.js

//= require moment/<locale>.js

Then, where your datepicker is configured (such as a .coffee file), add the following configuration option:

  locale: 'de'

Update Instructions

Change the checkout_branch variable in Rakefile to the version.

Change the versions in lib/bootstrap4_datetime_picker_rails/version.rb

Run bundle exec rake update

Commit with 'Update to $VERSION release'

Run git push

Run bundle exec rake build to confirm a successful build

Run bundle exec rake publish to publish to rubygems (automatically creates and pushes a tag to git)

Create a release on GitHub with the new gem version

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