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Fullstack boilerplate: ASP.NET Core with a Vue.js frontend
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  1. Replace $YOUR_PROJECT_ORIGIN below with your new project's origin and run
git clone . 
&& git remote rm origin 
&& git remote add boilerplate 
&& git config remote.boilerplate.pushurl "(do not push to boilerplate)" 
&& git remote add origin $YOUR_PROJECT_ORIGIN 
&& cd ToolkitBoilerplate 
&& dotnet restore 
&& dotnet ef migrations add Init 
&& cd ClientApp 
&& npm install 
  1. In /ToolkitBoilerplate, update appsettings.json and appsettings.Development.json (minimum is database connection string)

  2. In /ToolkitBoilerplate, run

dotnet ef migrations add Init
&& dotnet ef database update
  1. Start development
    • To push local master to origin remote (project-specific remote): git push origin master
    • To pull boilerplate remote to local master: git pull boilerplate master


  • In VisualStudio
    • Rename project
    • Rename solution
    • Rename namespace
  • Open up /ClientApp/project.json
    • Rename name key
  • Open up /ClientApp/public/manifest.json
    • Rename name and short_name keys
  • Open up STATR_DEV.bat
    • Rename cd line to project name

Dev Servers

Open START_DEV.bat.

If using Visual Studio, will need to also run npm run start in /ToolkitBoilerplate/ClientApp.


  • dotnet watch run to start backend on port 5000
  • npm run serve --prefix ClientApp to start frontend on port 8080
  • Note in dev backend reverse proxies frontend so no need to got to port 8080
  • To debug API use http://localhost:5000/swagger

Next steps

  • Add entities (should be subclasses of ApplicationEntity)
  • Create migrations & update database (Add-Migration Init; Update-Database)
  • Create controllers for each entity (should be subclasses of ApplicationController, can use /swagger to debug)
  • Start on frontend


  • Build frontend
  • Build backend
  • Docker?
  • TODO


  • Vue boilerplate for login, flags, alerts, comments, notifications
  • Controllers and entities for boilerplate for comments, reactions, notifications, flagging
  • ApplicationHub boilerplate
  • Deployment plan and instructions
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