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The BibApp is a Campus Research Gateway and Expert Finder.
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config For reasons that are unfortunatly unclear to me we get problems if
db Use update_column to skip callbacks.
features Configure mailing method in environment initializer
lib Asynchronous csv people importing works here.
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vendor Moved vendor/plugins to lib to resolve deprecation.
.metrics File for configuring metrical gem.
.rspec I believe that adding this makes rspec the default test framework.
.rvmrc Specify ruby in .rvmrc. Remove libxml2-ruby from Gemfile (let solr-ru…
Capfile ran capify, moved deploy.rb to deploy.rb.template (so as not to have a
Gemfile Add daemons gem to gemfile.
Gemfile.lock Add daemons gem to gemfile.
README For the contributorships/admin view (unverified contributorships) made
Rakefile Changed application name. Changed application name.


=== BibApp ===

Welcome to the BibApp.  Keeps these two sites in mind as you get underway:

* - Our project homepage
* - Code and documentation
* NEW! * - Code and documentation at GitHub

=== License ===
University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License.  For details read the LICENSE file.

=== Install ===

== Icons ==
Bibapp is using the Fugue Icon set.

Fugue Icons

Copyright (C) 2011 Yusuke Kamiyamane. All rights reserved.
The icons are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution
3.0 license. <>
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