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K3SimSearch K3SimSearch


K3SimSearch is a simple Python script as a dictionary in which you can look up a GRE word and find its similar words (not synonyms but visual similarity). It works as a small tool for helping students to prepare for GRE.


After typing python in the working directory in which is located and waiting for several minutes for loading cache, you will get this in your console:

[Info] ZYNM3K.csv dictionary loaded!
[Info] HBS.csv dictionary loaded!
[Info] ECON.csv dictionary loaded!
[Info] Start merging words...
[Info] Three dictionaries merged!
[Info] Start reading matrix from local cache...
[Info] Reading matrix data done!
[Info] Matrix established!
Enter the word to search ("q" to exit):

Enter such word as feckless to find its definitions and similar words:

Enter the word: feckless
============= Visually Similar ===============

feckless,  reckless

Press Enter to show definitions...

After showing that, you have a chance to do an exercise to review these visually similar words and to press Enter to show their definitions.

Press Enter to show definitions...
=============== Definitions ==================
[0] feckless
无成果的,没有价值的:having no worth;粗心不负责任的:careless
[1] reckless

If you made a typo in your word, it's all right for the script to find the most similar word from our dictionary. Try enter caramity:

Enter the word: caramity
[Error] We can't find caramity in the dictionary
[Info] Are you looking for calamity?
============= Visually Similar ===============

calamity,  clarity

Press Enter to show definitions...

The script will retrieve calamity as the word you're looking for.

K3GraphGen is a piece of script for generating GEXF file of GRE words according to their visual similarity. In order to open GEXF, you should install Gephi. Gephi is an open source tool for visualizing big graph and doing a lot of other things about graph.

After importing GEXF file to Gephi, we can visualize the graph of words in different layouts. Furthermore, we also provided a GEPHI file (k3.gephi) which acts as the project file of Gephi to see the graph more clearly.



K3SimSearch is a simple Python script as a dictionaray in which you can look up a GRE word and find its similar words



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