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The classic game brought to life with Ruby, Sinatra, and Bootstrap 3.

Play the game here on Heroku.

About the game

  • Words
    • The game uses a library of words provided in /resources/enable.txt
    • This word list is used to populate an array $words in /resources/words.rb
    • This file and array are built using a small ruby script in /resources/build.rb
    • $words is an array of child arrays that contain words with string lengths equal to the value of the index of the child array in $words
  • Difficulty
    • The difficulty selection is enabled and populated only with the index of child arrays that are not empty
    • When the user selects a difficulty, the Game object uses this integer to select a child array from $words
  • Word
    • The word choosen for each game is selected randomly by a 2 fold method:
      1. Generating a random index using rand() with the size of the array as the argument
      2. Shuffling the word array before retrieving a word from it with the above random index
  • State
    • The Game class in /lib/game.rb uses the Sinatra params object to determine the state of the game
    • The state keeps track of:
      • The last guessed letter
      • All other letter guesses
      • Difficulty selected
  • Scoring
    • Player lives are set directly equal to 5 - ${INCORRECT_GUESSES}
    • The game is lost after 5 incorrect guesses are made
    • The game is won when all letters have been correctly guessed
  • Art
    • Art work is completely ASCII and output in a <pre> tag to preserve white-space
    • The art work changes color from green to red with each lost life
  • Hidden Cheat
    • The game is equipped with a hidden cheat to view the current word for debugging and fun of course

Structure and design

  • Routes
    • There is only 1 GET route used: '/'
    • The game is completely reliant on form input parameters being preserved in the URL
    • While POST would be more secure from tampering, I wanted to use GET as an exercise
  • Ruby
    • While JavaScript could provide more interaction and indeed be used to run this game entirely, I chose specifically to not use it
    • The logic and calculations for this game are all delibrately written in Ruby

I hope you enjoy Hangman!

Bideo Wego


The classic game brought to life with Ruby, Sinatra, and Bootstrap 3






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