This project includes a python module with functions to send-receive SMS, get GPS coordinates, interfacing Raspberry Pi with GSM/GPS/GPRS module " A7 AI Thinker" using serial UART. It also has additional modules that enable the user to automatically connect to a wifi when SMS received in a format with UserName and Password (when interfaced with …
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This project contains codes to perform following operations in raspberry PI zero/3 Model B interfacing with A7 AI Thinker GSM/GPRS module :

1) Sent a message using A7 AI Thinker GSM/GPRS module.

2) Get the GPS NMEA information.

3) receive SMS with ssid and password in a format, read the sms and automatically connect to the given wifi in the raspberry pi Zero.

4) Send the DATA to a network over TCP using A7 AI Thinker GSM/GPRS module.