An in-house Capture the Flag competition
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The Dragon's Lair CTF

An in-house CTF created entirely in bash


Red team and blue team compete in an Attack-and-Defend style Capture the Flag competition with Forensics challenges included. Both teams participate in attacking and defending; team colors are not associated with only attacking or only defending. There are six levels in the competition, each team receives points for completing levels and loses points for using hints to complete the levels. The host system displays the current scores and communicates with the two teams to give them each level as they unlock it. Each level contains a readme file for instructions. Now includes animations and ASCII art made entirely in bash!

Setup Instructions

Install Ubuntu 12 or 14 on three computers/virtual machines. Name the main user for each of the three systems: redteam, blueteam, and hostsystem. On each system, run with sudo.