• List of libraries, tools and APIs for web scraping and data processing.

    Makefile 303 Updated Dec 2, 2016
  • Caravel is a data exploration platform designed to be visual, intuitive, and interactive

    Python 3,049 Updated Nov 4, 2016
  • Super Resolution for images using deep learning.

    Python 753 Updated Nov 4, 2016
  • A machine learning package built for humans.

    Java 557 Updated Nov 1, 2016
  • Zillow Scraper crawl data and get information related to real estate, apartments, mortgages, school data, and home improvement ideas. can automatically scrape data from web pages and save the scraped content in different formats. This is a free version of Zillow Scraper. To get the commercial version, please visit:

    2 Updated Feb 6, 2015
  • A Powerful Spider System with Web UI

    Python 2,779 Apache-2.0 Updated Nov 17, 2014
  • Visual scraping for Scrapy

    Python 923 Updated Apr 7, 2014
  • web admin interface for elasticsearch

    CSS 1 331 Updated Feb 17, 2014
  • a json aware ElasticSearch front end

    JavaScript 1 169 Updated Feb 17, 2014
  • Live charts and statistics for Elasticsearch cluster.

    JavaScript 219 Apache-2.0 Updated Feb 14, 2014
  • A drop-in, low-overhead monitoring web dashboard for a linux machine.

    CSS 1,027 MIT Updated Jan 29, 2014
  • rehttp

    Forked from rehttp/rehttp

    A tool to share and collaborate on HTTP requests and responses

    Ruby 1 12 MIT Updated Jan 28, 2014
  • Cross-platform utility that uncovers the technologies used on websites.

    JavaScript 1 1,242 GPL-3.0 Updated Jan 28, 2014
  • A platform detection library that works on nearly all JavaScript platforms.

    JavaScript 235 MIT Updated Jan 28, 2014
  • Extract tables from PDF files

    Ruby 52 MIT Updated Jan 27, 2014
  • A benchmarking library that works on nearly all JavaScript platforms, supports high-resolution timers, and returns statistically significant results. As used on jsPerf.com.

    JavaScript 257 Updated Jan 26, 2014
  • Various Python scripts to scrape sites that store data about you.

    Python 8 Updated Jan 6, 2014
  • A JavaScript implementation of the elasticsearch Query DSL

    JavaScript 1 169 MIT Updated Dec 27, 2013
  • Easily crowdsource the analysis of your documents

    Python 10 MIT Updated Dec 22, 2013
  • SABdata

    Forked from FCC/SABdata

    FCC study area boundary data available for download from online SAB map.

    16 Updated Dec 19, 2013
  • JavaScript 14 Updated Dec 12, 2013
  • Site plugin for Elasticsearch to help understand and debug queries.

    JavaScript 81 Apache-2.0 Updated Dec 2, 2013
  • A GUI for Django ORM. Build custom queries and display results. Targets sys admins and capable end users who might not be able to program.

    Python 197 Updated Nov 7, 2013
  • Solr query parser plugin that performs proper query-time synonym expansion.

    Java 73 Updated Nov 2, 2013
  • A configurable set of panels that display various debug information about the current request/response.

    Python 774 Updated Nov 1, 2013
  • Encuestame is an open source CMS to make several type of surveys, based on massive distribution on social network, email, web and mobile versions, geolocation features, syndication, graphs, beautiful email templates and a modern user interface.

    JavaScript 52 Apache-2.0 Updated Nov 1, 2013
  • An import tool easy enough your users could use it

    Python 1 25 Updated Oct 30, 2013
  • Visual sedimentation is a novel design metaphor that progressively generates and updates visualizations of streaming data, inspired by the process of physical sedimentation. This process is the result of objects falling due to gravity forces, that aggregate into compact layers over time. The process is well understood since our environment is sh…

    JavaScript 1 48 Updated Oct 28, 2013
  • A Graph Server

    Java 111 Updated Oct 26, 2013
  • A generic and easy dashboard for Django applications.

    Python 20 Updated Oct 19, 2013
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