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title: "Reference files - variable labels and metadata"
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## Introduction
and models are meaningless without good metadata. Metadata should be
independently understandable; machine actionable; discoverable, dynamic,
**bllFlow** uses consistent labels and metadata throughout the workflow. We explain why in our accompanying [document]. tl;dr [Nature Videos](
## `bllFlow-variables`
`bllFlow-variables` is the data file that describes labels and metadata in bblFlow. Add to your own `bllFlow-variables` or make a [pull request](
Labels and metadata are used in five key areas of research reporting:
1) **Data cleaning and variable transformation** -- such as applying truncation rules, centering, etc.
1) **Aggregated results** -- such as _Table 1 - Characteristics of study population_.
1) **Model description** -- model coefficeints.
1) **Summary statistics** -- metrics model performance.
1) **Validation data** -- example dataset to verify algorithm scoring (for predictive models).
```{r, echo=FALSE, results='asis'}
dt <- read.csv(file.path(getwd(), '../inst/extdata/bllFlow-variables.csv'))
datatable(dt, options = list(pageLength = 5))
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