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a list of the security challenges made by friends and I for various CTF
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This repository contains a list of the security challenges i have made, or asked, or contributed to, for various Sec cons.

For each challenge within this repository, an associated README has been written. In this README, you will be able to find :

  • the original challenge description given at the competition
  • a more detailed description of the challenge, aiming to introducting the challenge without having to first search what is behind.
  • the author of the challenge. If it's not precised, i'm the author.
  • a link towards a write-up.
  • the organisation of the sub-repository containing the challenge. Especially, you may be able to find additionnal files that were used to construct the challenge, or files that consist in a solution often used to test the challenge.

Here is a list of all challenges you can find here, ordered by the name of the security conference :

  • Nuit du Hack 2016

    • A balanced RSA a day keeps the security analyst away -> Crypto challenge on RSA
    • Draw me a sheep -> capture of USB mouse packets
    • Hamming fury -> steganography based on hamming codes
    • I'm afraid of a gh0st named poison ivy -> network capture challenge
    • To be or not to be -> a whitespace crackme
  • Nuit du Hack 2017

    • Challafist -> reverse challenge
    • Cul air code -> programming challenge aimed at QR code reconstruction.
    • Dimensional -> steganography based on dimension reduction
    • So easy if you don't solve it you must burn -> steganography based on anamorphose
    • Wargames -> a GameBoy reverse challenge
    • Suffer -> a crackme
    • Unlucky -> a crypto challenge based on CVE-2015-8618
  • Nuit du Hack 2018

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