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CallCouch is a small (34 line) PHP script you can host at Tropo to communicate with your CouchDB database via IM or SMS. It currently has two main features (or verbs): get & send.

There is a demo version running at if you'd like to try out the following verbs.

[get ]document

The verb "get" is optional as it's the default. This will retrieve the document from CouchDB and return it.

Try: get bigbluehat

NOTE: currently, CallCouch is setup to work against documents that have a name, url, and email fields. You could easily change that for your installation.

send ###-###-#### document

Send let's you bridge the messaging world and send an IM to and have the resulting document sent to the phone number of your choice.


CallCouch was built during the Tek11 Hack-a-thon sponsored by Tropo. It placed third, and was the only winner developed by a single person. Thanks for the Kindle, Tropo!


As usual, this is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

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