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Converting JSON into an HTML Form and back
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Converting JSON into an HTML Form and back


JSON is a super handy document format that's being used more and more frequently in Web API's and databases However, there's not really a handy little form editor for quickly generating or modifying JSON docs...until now (we hope)!

Simple JSON Editing

re:form.ed's goal is to quickly take any JSON document, turn it into an HTML form, let you change values and keys, and modify the entire structure of the JSON document (add new objects, etc), and then output the form back into JSON.

Version 0.1 does the basic JSON to HTML Form conversion, allows you to change keys and values, and output it as a JSON document again.


You're welcome to use re:form.ed under the terms of the Apache License, version 2.0. If you use it let me know: @bigbluehat

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