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BigBrotherBot (B3) packaging documentation

B3 is distributed as different packages:

  • Python sources package as a zip file
  • Python wheel package
  • Win32 zip package
  • Win32 installer package (built with InnoSetup Installer)

Bumping the version number

You need the bumpversion tool for that task. See


bumpversion patch # will change "1.10.0" to "1.10.1"
bumpversion minor # will change "1.10.0" to "1.11.0" 
bumpversion major # will change "1.10.0" to "2.0.0"

Packaging B3

To be able to build B3 distribution packages you need to have installed Python 2.7 32bit on your system. You can check your python version by starting the python interpreter in a terminal window (or command prompt on win32 platform). Also you need to make sure to have python in your PATH environment variable.
You also need to have installed GIT on your system and make sure that the git command is in your PATH environment. Once the building process is completed you will find the built package(s) inside the dist directory.

Source and wheel distribution

Open a terminal window (or command prompt if on win32 platform) and type the following commands:

  • clone big brother bot repository:
    • git clone
    • cd big-brother-bot
  • build source and wheel packages:
    • python release


Install Microsofts Visual C++ Compiler for Python2.7.
Install InnoSetup.
Install psycopg2.
Install pycripto.
Install paramiko.
Install cx_Freeze.
Make sure to have pip in your PATH environment.

Open a command prompt window and type the following:

  • clone big brother bot repository:
    • git clone
    • cd big-brother-bot
  • install python requirements:
    • pip install -r requirements.txt
    • pip install -r build-requirements.txt
  • update installer/innosetup/build.yaml config file with the path to your InnoSetup compiler.
  • build the frozen application:
    • python egg_info
    • python build_exe