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# Python modules needed for optional B3 features
# If you want to install them with pip on Windows then you will need Microsofts Visual C++ Compiler for Python2.7
# which can be obtained from here
# You can also use pre-compiled versions for windows.
# A pre-compiled Windows version of psycopg2 v2.6 can be found here
# A pre-compiled version of pycrypto that is needed for paramiko can be found here
# That should be enough for you to install paramiko with pip, but if not a pre-compiled version of paramiko can be found here
# If you want to use a PosgreSQL database
# If you need a secure connection (SFTP plugin)
# Backport of the subprocess module from python 3 to python 2 (does not work on Windows)
# subprocess32==3.2.6
# Port of Google's langdetect, for translator plugin to exclude languages
# langdetect