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[SETUP] switched to cx_Freeze + setuptools for multiplatform compilation

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danielepantaleone committed Feb 13, 2015
1 parent 00d12cd commit 1437c9b7235cbb2587ba19f1012e1dbffc2a4293
@@ -1,4 +1,5 @@
@@ -9,10 +10,8 @@ desktop.ini
@@ -13,12 +13,18 @@ addons:
postgresql: "9.3"
# command to install dependencies, e.g. pip install -r requirements.txt --use-mirrors
install: pip install -r pip-requires.txt --use-mirrors
- pip install -r requirements.txt --use-mirrors
- pip install cx_Freeze
- pip install paramiko
- pip install irc
- pip install email
- pip install uuid
- psql -c "CREATE DATABASE b3_test WITH OWNER = postgres ENCODING = 'UTF8';" -U postgres
# command to run tests, e.g. python test
- nosetests --where=tests --verbosity=3
- python egg_info --tag-build .travis bdist_egg --dist-dir .\releases sdist --dist-dir .\releases
- python build_exe egg_info --tag-build .travis --tag-date sdist bdist_egg
@@ -5,5 +5,9 @@ include CHANGELOG b3/PKG-INFO *.txt
include b3/conf/*.xml
include b3/conf/*.ini
include b3/conf/templates/*.tpl
exclude py2exe_builder/*
exclude .idea/*
exclude tests/*
exclude setup.cfg
exclude build-requirements.txt
@@ -3,29 +3,31 @@ BigBrotherBot (B3) packaging documentation
B3 is distributed as different packages :
- python sources package
- python sources package as a zip file
- python egg package
as well as packages for the MS Windows plateform built with py2exe :
- win32 zip package
- win32 setup package (setup built with InnoSetup Installer)
- win32 installer package (built with InnoSetup Installer)
# Requirements
To build the packages you need a computer running the MS Windows operating system with the following software installed :
- python 2.7
- all B3 python modules requirements B3 tests requirements (see pip-requires.txt)
- py2exe
- python 2.7 32bit
- all B3 python modules requirements B3 tests requirements (see requirements.txt and build-requirements.txt)
- cx_freeze
- Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)
- [Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler for Python 2.7](
- InnoSetup Installer with InnoSetup PreProcessor
# Environment setup
- make sure python is in your PATH environment variable
- update the py2exe_builder/build.yaml config file with the path to your InnoSetup Compiler
- update the installer/innosetup/build.yaml config file with the path to your InnoSetup Compiler
# Building packages
@@ -38,8 +40,7 @@ If all tests pass, you are good to continue
## Update the version number
Open up and change the version string for the `b3version` variable at the top of the script, then run `python release`.
This command will build into the *releases* directory the python source, python egg packages and put into the *py2exe_builder/dist_py2exe* directory the project files 'compiled' for the win32 packages.
Then run the `python` from the *py2exe_builder* directory to build the Windows packages that you will also find into the *releases* directory.
This command will build into the *dist* directory the different packages.
# Distribute the packages

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