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🍶 Collect the popular bottle picture hits - 收集最近流行的小瓶子图片
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Awesome Bottles Awesome

A list of awesome bottle pictures which is popular these days.

I just collect some pictures of empty bottles with texts below. It's a hit in China. It helps show the your opinion about something or personality just like a psychological test. But there's no certain results for you. People can infer what kind of person you're by the pictures you finish.


The kind of picture usually looks like this, and you can fill these bottles in the way of the picture:

The picture in the right which is filled was originally from this tweet.

People title the picture, write below every bottle and send the finished picture to others. The one who received the picture would fill the bottles if they agree with or like the text below the bottle. And the height of the stuff in the bottle shows how much you agree or like.

PRs Welcome

If you have this sort of pictures, you can add them to the list below by creating new pull request. But attention, the bottles must be empty and you should offer a .jpg or .png file and put them into the ./collection folder according to the language.

And if you're glad, you can make your own bottle picture with this empty bottle picture.


There's some awesome little bottle pictures. I sort them according to the language.


Title Picture
JK 小瓶子
XXX 爱好小瓶子


Title Picture
Happiness Bottles


Title Picture

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