Software for BFRMR1 mobile robot
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Author : Peter Neal


Software for BFRMR1 mobile robot.

Contains arduino code and python scripts to run on the onboard Raspberry pi.


Arduino code. Will wait until a packet of data is received and act depending on the instruction sent. Functions include control loops for the two head servos and the two continuous rotation servos used for the drive wheels. Encoders on the wheels provide feedback for the control loop. Will also read all of the sensors and return a packet of data when a command has completed or a data request is received.

Main script for control of the robot. Writes to the tft screen, uses interrupts to take input from the push buttons and executes a particular behaviour based on user selection.

Opens a serial connection to the Arduino and contains a function to read a packet of data from the Arduino and return as an array, and a function to send data. Uses pyserial

Driver script for the Adafruit 2.2" tft display. Writes data to the screen using the spi interface. Includes functions to write text to the screen. Text lookup table contained in and

Contains functions related to vision using OpenCV. Requires OpenCV on the Raspberry pi.