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This is a fork of the .lua script by cg2121 (Clayton Groenewald), obs-advanced-timer

**Original Text by cg2121**

This is a Lua script for OBS Studio that sets a text source as a timer with advanced options.  

- Countdown (countdown from specified amount of seconds)  
- Countup (starts a stopwatch timer)  
- Specific time (starts to countdown to a specific time, such as countdown to 12:00 am)  
- Specific date & time (starts to countdown to a date and time)  
- Streaming timer (starts timer when streaming starts)  
- Recording timer (starts timer when recording start)  
- With the countdown modes, there is an option to countup when the countdown is finished

The default format is: %HH:%mm:%ss (00:00:00)

%d - days
%hh - hours with leading zero (00..23)
%h - hours (0..23)
%HH - hours with leading zero (00..infinity)
%H - hours (0..infinity)
%mm - minutes with leading zero (00..59)
%m - minutes (0..59)
%MM - minutes with leading zero (00..infinity)
%M - minutes (0..infinity)
%ss - seconds with leading zero (00..59)
%s - seconds (0..59)
%SS - seconds with leading zero (00..infinity)
%S - seconds (0..infinity)
%t - tenths
%2t - hundredths
%3t - thousandths

**Activation Modes**  
- Global (the timer is always active)  
- Start timer on activation (starts timer when source is activated, such as when switching to 
  a scene with that source or turning the visibility of the source to on)  

Hotkeys can be set for starting/stopping and to the reset timer.

Amendments to the original

I have added the following functionality to the script

  1. The ability to select a "Next Scene" which will be set in OBS when the timer expires (countdown types only). The scene list is populated from OBS. If selected (i.e. not "", or "-----", this option overrides the "Final Text" input. The code for the "Next Scene" functionality was derived from the work of OBS user EmbodiedWisdomToday and his lua script Countdown Timer with optional next scene 012
  2. Added a "Starting Text" field for the modes that count down
  3. Amended the description "Countdown final text" to "Final Text"
  4. Added "Recording Time: " and "Streaming Time: " text to the elapsed time for these modes. It is hard-coded in the script but easily editable. The Countup timer still only reflects the elapsed time.
  5. When in the modes that count down, "Start Text" is added to the time field before the timer expires and the Stop Text" is added to the time text after the timer expires (when "Countup when done" is selected), otherwse only "Stop Text"


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