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deamon for spotify in python
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A Spotify player that fetches songs from an URL and plays the first song found (it parses it as XML and searches for first item with an href attribute).

Made to work with BIP:

But should be able to work with other things.


  • Jonathan Ström
  • Victor Sollerhed

How to use:

$ python -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD

It only works with premium accounts (since those are Spotifys rules for libspotify).


  • libspotify
  • pyspotify
  • pygame (for playing ads between songs)


How to install

On Mac:

brew install libspotify

On Linux:

(old, new instructions for libspotify-0.0.6 might be needed)

tar xzf libspotify-*.tar.gz
cd libspotify-*
sudo make install prefix=/usr/local
(export LD_LIBARY_PATH=${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:/usr/local/lib/)


Specifically jodals fork (because it's the most updated one):

How to install:

On Mac:

git clone
sudo instalal

The prefix used on Linux might be needed on Mac aswell, not sure, needs testing.

On Linux:

git clone
sudo install --prefix=/usr/local

Or see these instructions:

pygame (for ads-player):

How to install:

On Linux:

sudo apt-get install python-pygame
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