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Sitecreator is a flexible means of automating the process of creating accounts on shared-style servers. It has a directory of scripts that it uses to do the various jobs (create unix users, vhosts, modify MySQL permissions), and having generated the necessary passwords simply calls these scripts in turn according to its configuration, and then prints out those username and password pairs.

It has a mechanism for including in its output what the scripts are doing; for example the file at etc/config/example.yaml prints the name of the database created by the MySQL script, having been told what form that will take.

In its simplest use, sitecreator is called with just a domain name as an argument and, having done its work prints out the details. This is the printed result of using the configuration file at etc/config/default.yaml, having set up all the user accounts:

 avi@amazing:~$ sitecreator 
   Username:              aviswebsite
   Password:              E@Vi}FPxL
   Username:              aviswebsite
   Password:              cAnt:'r'*?<F
   Database:              aviswebsite
   Hostname:              localhost
 MySQL Dev user:
   Username:              aviswebsite_dev
   Password:              HBA4zAn@IZ9l
   Database:              aviswebsite_dev
   Hostname:              localhost
 Mail administration:
   Password:              jkd9>j]>Mhczf}
   Mail admin URL:
   Primary MX record:
   Secondary MX record: