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import pyblish
import pyblish_magenta.api
from pyblish_magenta.action import SelectInvalidAction
class ValidateNoAnimation(pyblish.api.Validator):
"""Ensure no keyframes on nodes in the Instance.
Even though a Model would extract without animCurves correctly this avoids
getting different output from a model when extracted from a different
frame than the first frame. (Might be overly restrictive though)
order = pyblish_magenta.api.ValidateContentsOrder
label = "No Animation"
hosts = ["maya"]
families = ["model"]
optional = True
actions = [SelectInvalidAction]
def get_invalid(instance):
from maya import cmds
nodes = instance[:]
if not nodes:
return []
curves = cmds.keyframe(nodes, q=1, name=True)
if curves:
return list(set(cmds.listConnections(curves)))
return []
def process(self, instance):
invalid = self.get_invalid(instance)
if invalid:
raise RuntimeError("Keyframes found: {0}".format(invalid))