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An R package for simple argument parsing, logging, configuration files, email, file/directory archiving, and simple string processing helpers.


It's fairly easy to install using Hadley Wickham's devtools.



Provides a LoggerRefClass reference class for logging messages to a file and/or the console. See the wiki for details. If you need a more robust logger please see futile.logger.

Argument parsing

Provides a CommandArgsRefClass reference class for parsing R and Rscript arguments. See the wiki for details. If you prefer a (beautiful) stand alone argument parsing package please see argparser.

Configurations (INI-style file formatted data)

Provides a ConfiguratorRefClass reference class for simple INI-style formatted files. See the wiki for details.


Provides wrapper functions to send mail using nail or mutt

File/directory archiving

Provides a function to pack_directory as tar.gz or .zip to compress a directory. Also provides unpack_archive to unpack a compressed file and return a listing of it's contents.

String processing

Provides functions to string leading and/or trailing spaces str_trim() as well as multiple pattern matching on character vectors mgrepl.