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Blueprint Editor!

While editing, or otherwise:

  • "Anchor points" -- Use numpad 1-9 to with a blueprint in hand, to change the point of the blueprint under your mouse -- place blueprint from any corner, centre, or part way between them. -- commands are editable.

  • "COPY" -- Ctrl-C by default (editable) -- If editing, will copy selection to origin. -- If not, will attempt to copy a blueprint in your cursor -- otherwise, it stays silent.

Blueprint Editing:

  • Press "N" (editabe), to start editing an already existing blueprint, or to start a new blueprint with a blueprint-compatible item in your hand, or mouseover selection. -- This should open up the familiar "blueprint edit" screen, but with additional (hidden) features. -- If there isn't a blueprint in your hand, the BPEdit will try to open the interface for a blueprint you're already editing (if it's accidentally closed).

  • "Select" an element using the TAB button.

  • "Unselect" everything (using E - currently also closes UI). I might need to play with default/multiple key binds

  • Move the "selection" around until you are satisfied with up-down-left-right (editable) -- You should see it moving in "real time". -- Use "Shift" to move items further.

  • Rotate the "selection" (if rotatable in game) by using the R, and Shift-R keys

  • Mirror the "selection" (if rotatable in game) by using Shift-M (horisontally), and Ctrl-M (Vertically)

  • Press "CAPS LOCK" to "anchor" your blueprint to the "selection". When placing, your blueprint will now orientate around that (rather than in the centre of the blueprint)

  • You can "nudge" the anchor around, using the normal blueprint movement keys, while having nothing selected.

  • "Quick open" inventory for easier access to your existing blueprints by hitting "N" again.

  • Use Shift-N (editable) to add: another blueprint from hand (first element only) OR item in hand OR mouseover selection item. -- It should now appear on the blueprint you are editing. -- It is instantly "selected"

  • Remove an element instantly by pressing the DELETE button.

  • Finish editing by clicking the usual "tick" button, or pressing ENTER.


  • Not tested with full inventory
  • Not tested with combinators / other "oblong" shapes
  • Not tested if it preserves wires
  • Not tested with other mods / bob's stuff
  • May have command incompatibility with Picher Extended - Dollies!
  • Can't check if "tick" button is on the correct/coresponding gui.
  • not fully tested (using something that's not a blueprint in your hand with these commands) yet.
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