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A Django app for inlining static files in templates, taking inspiration from django-compressor, django-pipeline and django-inlinecss
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A simple Django app for inlining static CSS and JS files in templates. Read CSS, JS or generic files from your static directories and insert them inline into your Django templates, wrapping in appropriate HTML tags if necessary.


Provides a quick and easy way to inline an entire JS or CSS file from staticfiles into a template, wrapping it in appropriate tags. django-compressor does this but I wanted something more lightweight, and also wanted to try my hand at writing a Django extension. Some inspiration and staticfile-handling code was taken from django-inlinecss.


As I've only recently started migrating my projects to Django 2 / Python 3, the below is only a guide – however I expect it to be mostly accurate.

Django 1.10 1.11 2.0 2.1 2.2
Python 2.7


$ pip install django-simpleinliner

Add simpleinliner to your INSTALLED_APPS setting.


Load the app at the top of your template:

{% load simpleinliner %}

Call inlinecss, inlinejs or inlinegeneric where you want to pull in a static file:

{% inlinejs 'path/to/my.js' %}

{% inlinecss 'path/to/my.css' %}

{% inlinegeneric 'path/to/my.svg' %}

The file will be inserted into the template each time the template is rendered, keeping it up to date.

You can override the default attributes given to <script> and <style> tags generated by simpleinliner by including the following in your project settings:

    'script': {
        'charset': 'utf-8',
        'type': 'text/javascript',
    'style': {
        'charset': 'utf-8',
        'type': 'text/css',

Add or edit these as desired to change the attributes applied to these tags.

By default simpleinliner will silently fail (including an empty tag if using inlinejs or inlinecss) if the specified path doesn't exist. You can force it to raise an exception by setting SIMPLEINLINER_RAISE_EXCEPTIONS to True in your project settings.

Development Installation

If working locally on the package you can install the development tools via pip:

$ pip install -e .[dev]

To lint with flake8:

$ flake8


Since version 0.2.5 this library bundles version 1.16 of the html library (in, as that library does not correctly install itself in modern python/setuptools environments and cannot be correctly imported.

Issues, Suggestions, Contributions

...are welcome on GitHub. Thanks for your interest in simpleinliner!

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