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U-232 V5 -> High performance Bittorrent tracker


All Credit goes to the original code creators, and especially to any author for the modifications I selected for U-232.

The original coders of torrentbits and especially to CoLdFuSiOn for carrying on the legacy with Tbdev.

XBT High-performance BitTorrent Tracker By Olaf van der Spek -,

PimpMyLog - -

The coders of gazelle for the class.cache, sctbdev for various replacement code.

All other snippets, mods and contributions for this version from CoLdFuSiOn, *putyn, pdq, djGrrr, Retro, elephant, ezero, Alex2005, system, sir_Snugglebunny, laffin, Wilba, Traffic, dokty, djlee, neptune, scars, Raw, soft, jaits, Melvinmeow, RogueSurfer, stoner, Stillapunk, swizzles, autotron, stonebreath, whocares, Tundracanine.

U-232 wants to thank everyone who helped make it what it is today; shaping and directing our project, all through the thick and thin. It wouldn't have been possible without you. This includes our users and especially Beta Testers - thanks for installing and using u-232 source code as well as providing valuable feedback, bug reports, and opinions.

The Team

Lead Coders

  • Mindless
  • autotron
  • Stoner
  • Stonebreath
  • whocares

Support coders & Beta tests

  • ChubbyNinja
  • BunkerBengt
  • Tundracanine
  • son

Support Specialists

  • Credit's to pdq, putyn and elephant for improvements in key areas on the code. Your input has been first class.

Lead Designer

  • Swizzles

Designers Support

  • Credit's to Kidvision & others for designs used in the v0+v1+v2 Installer projects.
  • Credit's to Roguesurfer for all v3 and v4 design - Your a credit to this team.
  • Credit's to son for v5 design work.
  • Credit's to swizzles and mistero for their work on framework intergration and design layout for v4.

## Special Thanks

Consulting Developers

Huge thanks to pdq for so much input and improved code and guidance with memcache.

Huge thanks to elephant for the XBT edits.

Beta Testers

The invaluable few who tirelessly find bugs, provide feedback, and drive the developers crazier.

Language Translators

  • iseeyoucopy
  • whocares
  • Tundrcanine

Thank you for your efforts which make it possible for people all around the world to use U-232.


Support Forum

Test site

## IRC

  • #09source

Server set Up Instructions:

U-232 V5 requires the following :

  • Memcached
  • PHP7
  • PHP7-GD
  • PHP7-XML
  • PHP7-ZIP
  • Apache/2.4.10
  • Mysql 5.5.50-0

Set Up Instructions:


High-performance BitTorrent Tracker

Installing under Linux
  • Debian

Use the following commands to install the C++ dependencies on Debian. The g++ version should be at least 4.7.

apt-get install cmake g++ libboost-dev libmysqlclient-dev make zlib1g-dev
  • Centos/RedHat

Use the following commands to install some of the C++ dependencies on CentOS, Fedora Core and Red Hat. The g++ version should be at least 4.7.

yum install boost-devel gcc-c++ mysql-devel

Enter the following commands in a terminal. Be patient while g++ is running, it'll take a few minutes.

  • Geting sources and compiling
tar xfz xbt.tar.gz
cd xbt/Tracker

Remember to add your mysql connect details TO xbt_tracker.conf

If no errors occurred during install then to start XBT tracker run


To stop XBT run

killall xbt_tracker

Upgrade to U-232 V5

If running the upgrade sql then you need to check a few points first:

  • Go to your phpmyadmin and check what the last id is on cleanup_manager and edit the upgrade.sql inserts accordingly.
  • Check the staff panel last id and edit the upgrade.sql inserts accordinally, userclasses in class_config table are default 0-6 so if you have different classes then edit that table first adding the new classes and values also edit cache/class_config.php.
  • Once your upgrade is completed with new code in place simply edit your announce urls in all seeding torrents and change announce.php?passkey= to announce.php?torrent_pass= and all torrents should resume as normal, same applies if switching to XBT_TRACKER, you would use the XBT_TRACKER format for announce url in client.
  • Open the upgrade.sql and update your database adding all additional entries, once done backup cache/staff_settings.php also cache/staff_settings2.php, backup include/ann_config.php and include/config.php, then delete all the old v4 files from ftp except pic folder, torrents, then upload the v5 code onto your server except the install folder, when prompted at pic folder hit skip and it will only add the newer files depending on ftp client. Open your ann_config.php and config.php files then open the install/extra/ann_config.sample.php and config.sample.php, transfer all your config settings to the newer files then save and rename them removing.sample out the file name, then transfer them into include folder, ensure you chmod any new cache files added also.

Set up U-232 V5

Please take note: Before you begin installation it is very important that your server is configured correctly and has all the required source code dependencies.

Ensure your error reporting is enabled on the server and you are logging the errors and not displaying them.

A error on install is a failure to adhere to setup instructions.

If you experience a failure then a properly configured server will report that issue, no excuses required.

Install memcached and zend opcode cache before installing U-232 V5.

  1. Create a directory one up from root so it resides beside it not inside it, named bucket.

    1. Then inside the bucket folder make another and name it avatar, remember to chmod them to 777
    2. If you use your own names for those folders then you need to edit bitbucket.php and img.php defines at top of the files.
    3. Then add a .htaccess and index.html files into both newly created folders.
    4. Then chmod those above folders.
    5. Then extract pic.tar.gz, Log_Viewer.tar.gz and GeoIp.tar.gz and ensure they are not inside an extra folder from being archived.
    6. Then upload the code to your server and chmod:
      • cache and all nested files and folders.
      • dir_list
      • uploads
      • uploadsub
      • imdb/cache
      • imdb/images
      • include
      • include/backup
      • include/settings/settings.txt
      • install/extra/config.phpsample.php/config.xbtsample.php
      • install/extra/ann_config.phpsample.php/ann_config.xbtsample.php
      • sqlerr_logs
      • torrents
  2. Create a new database user and password via phpmyadmin.

  3. Point to - fill in all the required data and choose XBT or default - then log in.

  4. Create a second user on entry named System ensure it's user id = 2 so you don't need to alter the autoshout function on include/user_functions.php.

  5. Sysop is added automatically to the array in cache/staff_settings.php and cache/staff_setting2.php.

  6. Staff is automatically added to the same two files, but you have to make sure the member is offline before you promote them.

Side note on Mysql 5.7: Mysql 5.7 And MariaDB 10.2 will not work with U-232, We recommend you use Mysql 5.5 or MariaDB 10.1 @


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