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Each download uses one or more trackers to obtain information about other peers that are downloading/seeding the same torrent. These trackers have varying stability and often go offline permanently. Over time these dead trackers can accumulate and waste BiglyBT resources as attempts are made to communicate with them.

Each download has a 'Sources' tab that shows the current state of the download's trackers (and alternative peer sources). However it can be hard to get a global view of the trackers being used by BiglyBT - hence the introduction of the 'All Trackers' view accessible from the 'View' menu.

Existing Controls

BiglyBT has some existing features for managing trackers based on Tags. Tracker Properties can be used to automatically assign downloads containing given trackers to the Tag. Tracker Templates can be used to automate the addition and removal of trackers to downloads when they are assigned to a Tag.


Within the All Trackers view you can select one or more trackers and use the right-click context menu to perform actions on them:

  • Add downloads to tag: This allows you to quickly create a new Tag/use a compatible existing Tag and assign tracker properties to it consisting of the selected tracker(s). This then shows which of your current downloads are using the given tracker(s)

  • Remove from current downloads: This creates or re-uses a compatible tag and tracker template and configures the tag to use the template for 'removal' purposes. It then assigns all your existing downloads to that tag which will result in the selected trackers being removed.

  • Remove from current and future downloads: This is the same as the above 'remove from current' except that it assigns a tag constraint of 'true' to the tag rather than assigning the existing downloads. This will result in all current and future downloads being automatically assigned to the tag and having the selected trackers removed.


Not all of a download's trackers will be consulted for peers, especially if the download has 'enough' peers from other sources. This is why you will see some trackers in a 'Queued' state. When a tracker is queued there are no online/offline statistics available which is why some trackers will not have data available. This does not mean they are dead - they may well be required in the future. A strict definition of how multiple trackers should be handled is available [here]( although few clients, if any, rigidly adhere to this.

If you find that trackers re-appear after being removed then this might be due to DNS Tracker Preferences - make sure that you remove all trackers for the given domain. This can result in tracker entries in the view that have no associated downloads as they have been redirected to an alternative.

Trackers will automatically be removed from the All Trackers view when they haven't been in use by any torrents for a while.

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