Getting Started

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Welcome to BiglyBT!

BiglyBT is a highly configurable and powerful torrent client and has been actively developed since 2003. It has many options and features for you to discover, but for the new user some guidance may be of help.


To download you need a torrent file, or a 'magnet link' (a link to the torrent file). The torrent file contains details of the download (which files it contains etc.) and instructions on how to find other peers to download from. If you already have a torrent file or magnet link then use the 'Open Torrents' button to add it to BiglyBT. If not then you can search using the 'Find Torrents' box at the top of BiglyBT, or by using your web browser etc.


Bittorrent is a 'peer-to-peer' protocol, you download from other torrent users and as part of the process you upload back to them and others. If nobody uploaded then you wouldn't be able to download - part of being a responsible part of the sharing community is therefore to 'give back' as much as possible. Once you complete a download you should keep it running, or 'seeding', for as long as you can in order to do so.


Your 'Library' sits in the sidebar under the 'My Torrents' heading and contains all of your current downloads - here you can see what is downloading/seeding and access completed content. The default view shows everything in a single list, you can separate the downloading and seeding torrents via the Simple/Advanced list buttons in the toolbar.

When you select a download more information about it is available from the tabs at the bottom of the window.

Things to play with

  • Tags are a powerful way of organizing and controlling your downloads - see the wiki.
  • Swarm Discoveries offers a way of finding content similar to the things you download - see this article.
  • The dashboard is a new feature that allows you to build your own favorite view within BiglyBT, there are some examples available via right-click menu in the sidebar.
  • Streaming allows you to play back content as it is downloading rather than waiting for completion - use the 'Play Now' icon on the left of the toolbar.
  • Swarm Merging can be used to speed up downloads and help out others who may be stuck - it utilizes Swarm Discoveries to inform you of potential duplicate swarms to join. Read about it here.
  • Plugins are optional add-ons that extend BiglyBT functionality. Find them here or via the Tools menu. The '3D View' plugin provides a cool swarm view for example.
  • I2P is an anonymous overlay network that is simple to configure and use within BiglyBT. Use it for anonymous downloading, chat, or even run your own anonymous tracker.
  • Set your Mode to 'Advanced' via the options setting in order to see more features.
  • Play with the Seeding Rules via the 'Queue' options so that you contribute as much as you can to swarms - be nice to downloads with small numbers of seeds to keep them alive! Come and discuss them on chat if confused (see below)

Online Help

There is various community provided help available via the Community menu - navigate to the 'Public' section under 'Community Chat' to ask other users for advice. Please note that this isn't moderated, BiglyBT has no control over, or responsibility for, any information you may find there.

The BiglyBT Wiki can be found here.


Any use of BiglyBT that violates the rights of any person or entity is not allowed. BiglyBT respects the rights of copyright holders, and expects that you will too. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are downloading, uploading, sharing, making available, and copying only lawful and non-infringing content in your territory or country. Please do not infringe upon copyright.

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