Tracker Templates and Lists

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Tracker Template

A Tracker Template is a named list of trackers created within BiglyBT. Once defined you can manually merge, replace or remove a tracker template's contents from a download. You can also automate this process by using Tags. To access the Tracker Template editor right-click on an existing tracker in the Sources tab of a download and select 'Edit Tracker URL(s)' or right-click on a download and select 'Tracker/Torrent->Edit Tracker URLs' from the menu.

Tracker List

A Tracker List is a source of (generally) public trackers that are either manually maintained in a file or fetched from a web site (and maintained by a third party). These are supported within Tracker Templates - you can use the 'Add List' button in the template editor to insert one, use the right-click menu or manually insert by prefixing the actual list URI with 'trackerlist:'

For example:


will be replaced by the list of trackers downloaded from http://a.b.c/list when the template is used.

To refer to a local file use a 'file:' URI instead. For example


on Windows will result in the list of trackers in the file C:\temp\tl.txt being inserted.

Known Lists

    This page contains references to lists that can be used in BiglyBT such as

    Example Tag to automatically add trackers from this list to all public torrents (1401_B23+) - right-click and save as a '.biglybt' file and then add to BiglyBT: ngosang_best.biglybt

  • I2P comes with a built-in open tracker list in i2psnark.config (as of 11/01/2019)


    Here's a Tag that adds the trackers to a tracker template and then applies it to all downloads that have I2P enabled: I2POpenTrackers.biglybt

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