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Version Check Data Retention

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BiglyBT contacts a version server periodically to check its update status - the components checked are

  • Core version
  • Beta version (when the user has joined the beta program)
  • UI Library (SWT) version

To do so various details of the user's installation are sent to the server.

  • OS name, version, architecture (for update check)
  • time since last version check
  • Java version, vendor, memory setting
  • plugin list (for plugin update check)
  • SWT version, platform (for SWT update check)
  • main window size (to help us make sure the UI fits within the vast majority of window sizes)
  • using PHE only (encryption mode)
  • which interface you are using (Vuze / Vuze Advanced / Azureus 2 ("Classic") UI)
  • Your AS and ASN. This allows the version check server to return information about whether you would benefit from turning on PHE
  • Java runtime version (more detail about what specific JVM is in use)
  • Language setting (to help us determine which languages need supporting)
  • ui - whether Vuze UI or Classic UI - needed to target UI specific updates (e.g. to avoid unnecessary updates of users with Classic UI when changes that only affect the Vuze UI are made)
  • os, os_version, os_arch: Required to correctly update SWT
  • swt_version: Required to correctly update SWT

Currently none of this data is retained beyond the duration of the call - it is purely used to decide how to inform the user if updates are available.