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Welcome to the Bik Lab at UC Riverside!

Lab Mission Statement:

  1. To perform cutting-edge research at the interface of biological and computational sciences; being leaders in the field of ecological and evolutionary -Omics approaches focused on microbial eukaryotes in marine sediments (with an emphasis on free-living nematodes and deep-sea habitats).
  2. To ensure that all lab members become well-rounded scientists with sufficient training and expertise that will allow them to succeed in their chosen career path. This will be accomplished by professional development that focuses on: effective written, verbal and visual communication skills; bioinformatics and programming skills; experience in project managment; scientific outreach and education; fostering relationships with policymakers and stakeholders.

Core Values: Exploring innovative and cross-discipinary science, creativity, teamwork, research excellence, practicing open science, communicating our technical knowledge and scientific results to non-scientists

This github repo is a compilation of valuable resources for new Bik lab members. Our lab utilizes -omics and computational biology approaches to study the microbial eukaryote biodiversity and evolution in marine environments and other ecosystems.

Below is a short list of tutorials we recommend you review to get comfortable with nagivating the Linux environment.

  1. Introduction to (meta)genomics and more

    • Our lab utilized the -omics approch to study the meiofaunal biodiversity that exists in marine environments and other ecosystems. We highly recommend watching a series of tutorial
  2. Save your commands!

    • After you become an expert command line user, don't become complacent. Always save the commands you ran for the day and/or a quick summary of what you did. We recommend using GitHub for saving commands and an online tool like Evernote for keeping track of daily accomplishments.
  3. Download a nice text editor

    • NEVER edit your commands in Word. Download a text editor where you can type, edit, comment, etc. your commands. We like BBEdit.
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