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+WDDX (Web Distributed Data eXchange) is a programming-language-, platform- and transport-neutral data interchange mechanism to pass data between different environments and different computers. This is WDDX implementation for .NET platforms. Source code is in C#. The realease dll is in releases subdirectory (
+The .NET implementation is based on work from Joel Mueller.
+Changes in version 1.0.4 contributed by Bilal Soylu.
Please review the Readme.htm file for release notes.
+Windows help (.chm) files are available in the Release directory.
@@ -209,14 +209,15 @@ <h3>WDDX.Net</h3>
- <strong>New in 1.0.4:</strong>
+ <strong>New in 1.0.4: (Bilal Soylu)</strong>
- <li>updraded to .net framework 3 -- bilal</li>
+ <li>updated to .net framework 3 </li>
<li>updated unit test to nunit 2.5 </li>
<li>corrected iso8601 date and time interpretation and unit tests. Hours are now correctly translated across time zones.</li>
<li>detected but did not fix validator IsValid() function -- known issue</li>
<li>introduced System.decimal for improvement precision for up to 15 digits after the decimal</li>
+ <li>using new source code repository at GitHub since the codeplex project seems to have lost maintainers.</li>

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