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BonCode AJP13 Connector for IIS

The easiest connector to script deployments and bundle in your projects ;o)

  • Hands-down the easiest connector to use for the common developer (no need to get involved with the intricacies of Tomcat and IIS protocol interchanges.)
  • Simply run the Connector_Setup.exe and you are done.
  • If you need to script your deployments this can be achieved as easy as calling a command line.

Differences and Advantages

This is the modern method of connecting IIS and Apache Tomcat. Most likely to use a Railo, Lucee or JSP driven backend. The BonCode AJP (Apache JServ Protocol version 1.3) Connector uses already existing pathways to connect to Apache Tomcat. The AJP implementation is generic and will work to connect IIS with any AJP server such as Jboss, web-methods, Jetty etc. In general it is a preference question how you connect IIS to Tomcat, though, there are several advantages with the BonCode connector vs the old ISAPI connector:

  • no ISAPI code, IIS6 vestiges or backward compatibility elements needed
  • does not block or hinder IIS functionality or slows unrelated requests
  • all managed code for IIS using the modern extensibility framework
  • works on most IIS versions (Windows 7 through Windows 10, Windows Server 2003-2020)
  • speed, throughput, and stability improvements
  • configuration in IIS UI
  • no virtual directories and virtual mappings needed
  • configuration can be inherited to sub-paths and virtual sites
  • easy install/uninstall
  • support partial stream sending to browser (automatic flushing) with faster response to client
  • support both 32/64 bit of Windows with same process and files
  • transfer of all request headers
  • build-in simple-security for web-administration pages (Tomcat, Railo, OpenBD, ColdFusion)
  • IP6 support
  • Additional HTTP headers data is passed to Tomcat servlet container (previously unavailable)
  • Improved transfer of SSL data to Tomcat servlet container
  • Support improved translation of load balancer headers to determine correct client IP
  • Support client fingerprint mechanism for use with safer sessions
  • Support for Adobe Coldfusion 10 - 2018 AJP dialects
  • Support for Lucee, Railo, and OpenBD CFML Engines
  • Support for alternate Path-Info header transmission via AJP

Even more stuff

If you were using a proxy or URL rewrite engine you would also benefit from:

  • Fully integrated SSL to Servlet container
  • Tomcat threading awareness (will not overload Tomcat and drop connections unnecessarily)
  • Your servlets and scripts will receive correct HTTP header/URL/IP information for processing
  • reduced traffic and processing on both IIS and tomcat sides
  • allows you to connect to multiple tomcat instances from within one IIS site without interfering with ISAPI connector, e.g. Shibboleth and ColdFusion 10/Railo

YouTube Videos:

Lucee / Railo in place upgrade

Adobe ColdFusion configuration

Latest Package Download

Version History:

Expanded version history is in the Readme Notes.txt file in this project under BonCodeAJP13 sources

More Documentation and Support

Full documentation is available in the download package from github releases site. Download zip and look in BonCode_Tomcat_Connector_Manual.pdf file.

The documentation also contains manual installation instruction, however, using automated installer contained in package is recommended.

As usual any feedback is appreciated. Please use the github issues site to leave feedback or open issues.

GDPR & CCPA Cookie Manager

If you are looking for a good cookie and script manager take a look at one of my other open source projects XcooBee Cookie Kit:

Ensures that you can manage consent and only execute scripts and set cookies with the propper documented consent.


AJP Connector between Internet Information Services (IIS) and Apache Tomcat






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