A Engine that can create cross-platform Tactical RPGs (tested on Mac OSX with a small bit of testing on linux [Ubuntu] )
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`Binaries` contains a pre-packaged version of the engine: There are two versions

* `Tactical Engine.app` is for Mac OS X only and has Mac specific features such as a Dock Icon.
* `Tactical Engine.jar` is the cross-platform version that works on any Java enable platform

`src` contains the source code of the project.

This script can be used for compiling and creating binaries, see the comment at the top `build.xml` for more information.

	ant build   # Complies all the source code 
	ant dist    # Creates self contained binaries and places then in `Binaries`

Contain xml schemas for validating the xml files.

Contains the resources used when creating the self contained binaries. 

Contains all the Java libraries and native libraries.

Helper scripts to create isometric tiles and pretty printed source code

This directory contains the icons created for the editor. There two icons, one for the editor and for project file (`.tacticalproject`)

Compiled Java files.


A simulation of the equations used to draw the tiles (Mac OS X).
Since Java's graphics (0,0) is at the top left, set the y axis (by clicking on it) to 400 ... 200 to see tile correctly.

Contains all the data obtained from user testing.