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  • Test on 10.8 (inculding signing the app)


  • Tests for

  • Bug in mp3 files sometimes when replacing (not adding) artwork on files who album art has never been edited in iTunes, means the file can't be added to iTunes. This happens sometimes happens after replacing the all work twice.

    • Work around To replace a mp3 cover art a second time use refresh(⌘R) then Parent Folder(⌘↑) then Back(⌘[) menus items then replace the cover.
  • Bug in malformed m4a files sometimes when replacing (not adding) artwork, means the file can't be played in iTunes.
  • Renaming of files only seems to work once, have to go to a different dir and back to rename again.
  • Adding m4a without quiting Tagger (when Copy files to iTunes Media Folder is unchecked).


  • Don't always use jpeg as the mine type. (needed for quicklook).
  • mp3 images sometimes don't work in quicklook but always work in the app and itunes.


  • Better error message when names clash.


  • Disable the menu back forward button when they can not be used instead of doing nothing.


  • find image metadata like:
    • 1200x1200, 200 KB (JPEG)


  • Taggings when tracks missing (done, but can tag wrong).
  • Some kind of error handing when vgmdb returns no tracks.
  • Select correct catalog printing when there are multiple printings.


  • Add flac (should be easy).
  • Disallow the user from changing the preferences tab very quickly.
  • Butons with icons for capitalization, labelling and renaming.
  • Icon for cover preferences.
  • Adds another autotager e.g discogs, freedb or musicbrainz.


  • Either find faster way to use it or rewrite Vgmdb in Objective C/C++
  • Test on 10.7
  • Reduce min size
  • Allow muti row editing.
  • Muti row selection can be non constive rows, handle this.
  • Some means of showing that the values for selected rows are different.
  • Better image equals method for NSImage (defualt just does pointer comparing).
  • Defaults e.g path etc.
  • Turn of the hard code values in vgmdb auto tagger.
  • Disble buttons that can not be used.
  • Table columns sorting.
  • Auto embed macruby.
  • Image dragging.
  • Disable Open Selected Fodler if the user has not selected a folder. At the moment it does nothing if the user tries to do this.
  • Added latin as a language.
  • tags from filename.
  • Sort by date sort by the string instead of date
  • Go menu icons
  • Error message when invalid characters in filenames.
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