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shellmarks is a shell script that allows you to save and jump to commonly used directories with tab completion.

Works well with both bash and zsh.


  1. git clone git://
  2. cd shellmarks
  3. make install (or just source )
  4. source ~/.local/bin/ from within your ~.bash_profile or ~/.bashrc (or .zshrc for zsh)


s <bookmark_name>  - Saves the current directory as "bookmark_name"
g <bookmark_name>  - Goes (cd) to the directory associated with "bookmark_name"
d <bookmark_name>  - Deletes the bookmark
l <bookmark_name>  - Lists the specified bookmark associated with "bookmark_name"
l                  - Lists all available bookmarks

Addition Features

pd <bookmark_name> - `pushd` to the directory associated with "bookmark_name"
_p <bookmark_name> - Prints the directory associated with "bookmark_name"
s                  - Saves the default directory
g                  - Goes to the default directory
g -                - Goes to the previous directory

# Mac OS X Only
o <bookmark_name>  - Open the directory associated with "bookmark_name" in Finder
y <bookmark_name>  - Open the directory associated with "bookmark_name" in a new tab


$ cd /var/www/
$ s webfolder
$ cd /usr/local/bin/
$ s localbin
$ l
    webfolder    /var/www/
    localbin     /usr/local/bin/
$ g web<tab>
$ g webfolder     # cd to /var/www/
$ o webfolder     # Open in Finder if on a mac

bookmarks storage

Stored ~/.sdirs by default.

Set SDIRS to use custom location

Environment variables

Set SHELLMARKS_ITERM_SESSION to a session name to change the session that is launched when using y in iTerm2 on osx

If SHELLMARK_PWD is set, pwd is executed after g and pd

Based Off

Based off bashmarks by huyng