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Biltegi honetan R erabiliz Udalmapetik adierazleak jaitsi eta irudikatzeko pausuak aurkituko dituzu.

In this repository you will find the steps to download and visualize the indicators from Udalmap using R.

Este repositorio incluye los pasos para descargar y visualizar los indicadores de udalmap utilizando R.

Resource Source Description
Data Udalmap Udalmap is an Municipal information system. The purpose of Udalmap is to know with detail the reality in the municipalities of the Autonomous Comunity of the Basque Country.
Maps Gaindegia Gaindegia is an observatory dedicated to promoting knowledge and opinion on Euskal Herria's economy and society among its economic and social agents.

Here you will find the R script to download and visualize all the indicators from Udalmap (now in OpenDataEuskadi). The indicators data can be found in the data directory. However, a shapefile provided by Euskalgeo has been used as a base layer for the map. The ggplot package has been used to complete the visualization.

This repository has been developed and/or used in the 4th session and 5th session organised by BilbaoDataLab.

How to use it


There are some package depencies that must be solved:

> install.packages(c("rgdal", "dplyr", "tidyr", "scales", "stringi","stringr","ggplot2","ggthemes"))

Running the script

The script to create the images can be run line-by-line from a IDE (i.e, rstudio). Also, it can be executed from command line as follows:

$ cd src
$ Rscript udalmap-udalerrika.R
$ Rscript udalmap-eskuladeka.R

Output Examples

After executing the scripts, the output images are placed in the out directory. There are two examples below:

  • Data grouped by town

  • Data grouped by region

Directory Layout

Simplified directory layout:

ROOT                            Root directory
├── LICENSE                     License details
├──                   This file
├── data
│    ├── adierazleak.csv        Indicator details
│    ├── eskualdeka             Data for regions analitics
│    │   └── ...
│    ├── herrildeka             Data for provinces analitics
│    │   └── ...
│    ├── shp                    Maps and shp files
│    │   └── ...
│    └── udalerrika             Data for town analitics
│        └── ...
├── doc
│    ├── aldagaiak-udalmap.pdf  Indicator details in basque
│    ├── presentations
│    │   └── ...                Material used in presentations
│    └── varialbles-udamap.pdf  Indicator details in spanish
├── out
│    └── ...                    Output examples
└── src
     ├── udalmap-eskualdeka.R   Script to create plots by regions
     └── udalmap-udalerrika.R   Script to create plots by towns


Download and visualise the indicators from Udalmap using R




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