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Pinchy is presented as the second iteration of our previous robot, uBot. It is an educational robot specifically made to be used as an ideal medium to start learning to program, know more about robotics and familiarize yourself with the basic electronic concepts.

What's this?

Pinchy is an open source educational robot that can be printed using ordinary 3D printers. It's made up of a PCB, used as a shield with an Arduino Micro on top of it, the before mentioned chasis and some sensors to interact.

Unidades Componente
2 Continuous Rotation Servos
1 Ultrasound Sensor
2 Line Follower Sensor
1 Buzzer
1 Bluetooth Module
1 Protoboard
1 5x7 LED Array
1 Arduino Micro

I/O Ports

Pin Function
0 TX / BT Module
1 RX / BT Module
2 Buzzer
3 Free I/O / Pincer Servo
4 Optorreflector 1
5 Servomotor 1
6 Servomotor 2
7 Trigger Ultrasound Sensor
8 Echo Ultrasound Sensor
9 Blue RGB LED
10 Red RGB LED
11 Green RGB LED
12 Optorreflector 2
13 Free I/O
14 Push Switch
15 MAX7219 SCK
16 MAX7219 MOSI
17 MAX7219 SS
A0 Free I/O
A1 Free I/O
A2 Free I/O
A3 Free I/O
A4 Free I/O
A5 Free I/O
A6 Free I/O
A7 Free I/O



The chasis that makes this robot more than a custom PCB with an Arduino is made with our 3D printers helping us to reduce the costs of assembling a fully functional educational robot. All the necessary files are here.

Pinchy's chasis without the circuitry

Circuit and Board

Pinchy's main PCB

The circuitry that is needed is in the Circuits folder, there you can find the schematics and the CAD files for the main PCB and for the custom-made optoreflectors.

Contributing to this project

If you find a bug in the code or an issue in the circuit, we would like to know it so please follow the next steps so we are aware of it:

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Create your feature branch: git checkout -b my-new-feature
  3. Commit your changes: git commit -am "Hey Bilbao Dynamics, I've added something that you might like!"
  4. Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-feature
  5. Submit a pull request and we might add it to the project! 😉


GPL license or Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (Copyleft)

Contact us

We are an active group of students that want to stay in touch if there are some issues or new things that you want to share with us. We are available on the following sites:

Bilbao Dynamics @ 2016


Pinchy is an educational and open-source robot | 100% Made In Bilbao






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