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A factorio mod that adds multiple new achievements.
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More Achievements

More Achievements is a mod for factorio that adds in a large amount of achievements, ranging from simple progression based ones, to ones that will give hours of challenge, like managing to make a base that launches one rocket per minute. The mod was originall ymade by Gangsir and is now maintained by Bilka, with permission.

It also adds achievements for certain mods when installed.

List of all added achievements:

  • Crafting manually is too slow! : Place your first assembling machine.
  • Alien contact : Kill a biter for the first time.
  • Bitten : Get bitten by a biter.
  • The essence of Discovery! : Craft your first science pack.
  • Thomas Edison : Illuminate your factory with a lamp.
  • Mathematical! : Place your first arithmetic combinator.
  • Friendly Fire : Destroy one of your own buildings.
  • Atom Smashing : Build a nuclear reactor.
  • Tango down : Have a turret kill a biter.
  • Efficient miner : Reach mining productivity 16.
  • Looted : Pick up an item.
  • Copy and pasted : Duplicate the settings of a machine onto another.
  • Accumulating : Place an accumulator.
  • Depleted : Completely deplete a resource tile.
  • A brisk walk : Finish the game in less than 24 hours.
  • Hello world! : Talk in chat.
  • Deforestation : 100 thousand trees have been destroyed on this planet.
  • On the road again : Place a car.
  • Fully Automatic : Upgrade your gun to a SMG.
  • Unending Assault : Trigger 100 attacks by pollution.
  • One RPM : Create a base that launches one rocket per minute.
  • Two RPM : Create a base that launches two rockets per minute.
  • Bulldozed : Destroy 500 trees by running them over.
  • Let there be Light : 200 Lamps placed in the world.
  • Dedication : Research an infinite tech to level 50.
  • Maggots! : Upgrade your gun to a rocket launcher.
  • We didn't start the fire : Upgrade your gun to a flamethrower.
  • You forgot something : Launch a rocket without a satellite.
  • Ghosted : Place a ghost entity.
  • Praise the sun! : Have 10k solar panels placed at once.
  • Blueprinted : Capture a blueprint of a setup.
  • Convey your ideas : Have 10,000 transport belts placed in the world at once.
  • Well balanced : Make a blueprint containing 10+ splitters.
  • Gear mass production 1 : Produce 10k iron gears.
  • Gear mass production 2 : Produce 1 million iron gears.
  • Gear mass production 3 : Produce 20 million iron gears.
  • Steampunk : Generate 10GJ of energy per hour with steam only.
  • The olden days... : Win the game without building a fluid wagon.
  • Trains are too hard! : Win the game without building a rail system.
  • Don't panic : Launch your car into space.

With Bob's Logistics

  • Not enough hotbar! : Research toolbelt 3.
  • Domo arigato Mr. Roboto : Research modular roboports 1.
  • Belting around at the speed of sound : Place an extremely fast transport belt. (Purple tier)
  • Logistical Transcendence : Research advanced logistics and construction robotics 3.
  • Level up bots! : Construct a logistic robot MK4.

With Bob's assembling machines

  • Flash Crafter : Craft and place an assembling machine tier 6.
  • A refined taste : Craft and place an oil refinery tier 4.
  • We have chemistry! : Craft and place a chemical plant tier 4.
  • What if we could craft even faster? : Research automation 4.

With Bob's Mining

  • Mining the area : Construct an area mining drill tier 1.
  • No ore's land : Construct an area mining drill tier 4, ready to empty the land of ores.
  • Can I AXE you a question? : Craft a diamond axe. Get chopping.
  • Ultiminer : Build a mining drill tier 4.
  • Pumped up! : Build a tier 4 pumpjack.
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