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Deep learning program that now uses noise variance to stop training locally.
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libaln A new version with better, simpler estimation of noise. Jul 10, 2019
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ALNfitDeep is open-source machine learning software for Windows. This new version's main improvement is that it can handle a varying level of noise at different places in the domain of the unknown function. It is better and also much simpler than previous versions. Please see the Excel spreadsheet VeryNoisyGaussianSin2000.xlsx in the directory "Working" for an example of how ALN learning with noise variance stopping can bring out details in the signal even under noisy conditions.

You can now experiment with a release version of the software (see Releases on GitHub). There is a Help button on the interface with instructions. Just browse to your own file (tab-separated) with the desired output column at the right (or change the inputs and output as required).

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