Public Domain Curses - a curses library for environments that don't fit the termcap/terminfo model, modified and extended from the 'official' version
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Welcome to PDCurses!

Public Domain Curses, aka PDCurses, is an implementation of X/Open curses for multiple platforms. Relative to the 'official' PDCurses project, this has a variety of improvements, adding a Windows GUI and a VT-like console "flavor" of Curses and expanding the capabilities of the other flavors (SDL1, SDL2, X11, Win32 console, OS/2, and DOS). Some details and screen shots at

Much of this was done during a long period in which 'official' PDCurses was inactive. It is hoped that the changes in this fork can be merged into the 'official' PDCurses, and a pull request has been made. But the split is looking increasingly permanent.

Legal Stuff

The core package is in the public domain, but small portions of PDCurses are subject to copyright under various licenses. Each directory contains a README file, with a section titled "Distribution Status" which describes the status of the files in that directory.

If you use PDCurses in an application, an acknowledgement would be appreciated, but is not mandatory. If you make corrections or enhancements to PDCurses, please forward them to the current maintainer for the benefit of other users.

This software is provided AS IS with NO WARRANTY whatsoever.


PDCurses has been ported to DOS, OS/2, Win32, X11 and SDL1 and SDL2, and this version adds a Windows graphical and VT-like console flavor. A directory containing the port-specific source files exists for each of these platforms.

Build instructions are in the README file for each platform:

  • DOS for use on DOS
  • OS/2 for use on OS/2
  • SDL 1.x for use as separate SDL version 1 window
  • SDL 2.x for use as separate SDL version 2 window
  • wincon (formerly win32) for use on Windows Console
  • Win32a for use on Windows Graphics Mode
  • X11 (also called XCurses) for use as separate X11 window
  • VT for use on terminal

Distribution Status

All files in this directory except configure, config.guess and config.sub are released to the Public Domain. config.guess and config.sub are under the GPL; configure is under a free license described within it.


William McBrine ("official" PDCurses)

Bill Gray p‮ôç.ötulpťcéjôřp@otúl‬m (this fork)