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A ragdoll player that supports manipulating a doll, and even Flash-like animations.
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Ragdoll is a Java-made animated doll. You may drag its head, arms, legs, feet to rotate them (with in a limited range). Also, the legs are resizable. You may click on a leg, drag and drop to resize them.


Menu Bar

  • Reset (Ctrl + R): Click on this to reset the doll to its original position and pose.
  • Save (Ctrl + S): Save the current position and pose to a JSON file.
  • Load (Ctrl + L): Load from a previously saved JSON file. It will set the ragdoll to the state saved in the selected file.
  • Quit (Ctrl + Q): Exit this program.

Animation Master

This is a Flash-like animation interface that enables you to make a 5-second animation.

To make an animation, follow these steps:

  1. Drag the slider to the desired time position.
  2. Play with the ragdoll, set it to your desired pose / position.
  3. Click on Keyframe to set the current state as a keyframe.
  4. Goto 1 for another keyframe.

Note that:

  • if you want to modify a keyframe, just drag the slider to that position, change the pose, hit Keyframe again to rewrite it.
  • Keyframes are labelled with | under the slider. Keyframes that lie on a exact second position are labelled with (0s) as an example.
  • When you finish, drag the slider to any position and hit Play to start playing the animation. You will see the doll transitioning from one keyframe to another smoothly.
  • You may pause at any time.
  • If the animation stops (reaches 5s), simply hit Play again to replay it.

Build Notes

  • This program is developed and tested under macOS Mojave 10.14.2 Developer Beta 2. With Java SE 10.0.2.

Enjoy playing with it :)

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