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Fix Javascript Class/Driver Documentation (#17) (#2001)

Don't specify where to initalize class.  More detail on how to set the
config item.
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11 user_guide_src/source/libraries/javascript.rst
@@ -20,7 +20,8 @@ the path to the Javascript library that you'll be using.
$config['javascript_location'] =
-You can find details on how to set config items in
+You can set the configuration item in Applications/config/config.php, your own configuration file, or with
+set_item() calls before you intialize the class. You can find details on how to set config items in
:doc:`Config Library <config>`
.. note:: The example above uses the `Google CDN
@@ -37,15 +38,11 @@ What you'll need in your controller
Load the library
-Initialize the Javascript class in your controller constructor, for example:
+Initialize the Javascript class in your controller.
- function __construct()
- {
- parent::__construct();
- $this->load->library('javascript');
- }
+ $this->load->library('javascript');
Add Javascript Elements and Compile

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