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BillRun - Open Source Billing and Fraud Detection System
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The project has been migrated to GitLab:


BillRun is Open-Source Billing and Fraud Detection System.

BillRun used in Telecom companies as well as other industries, which required sophisticated system and tools to receive, process, rate, charge and monitor customer usage. The usage can be telecom CDR-s, pre-pay cards, and all can be handle in real-time. The system support different type of output such as customer invoices, wholesale reports for management, system monitor & alerts, fraud detection system that can be trigger event. The system is fail-over safe and fully support in high-availability volumes and sizes.

The system built on integration of YAF PHP Framework, for high performance, with Zend Framework toolbox, for custom usage of its open source ready-to-use classes. Because the system is open source, you can change it to your needs and requirements, get support from 3rd party, cause you are not depend on one company.

The database is MongoDB that can support for different type of documents, no matter the size and type, what make the system easy to maintain. In addition, MongoDB is the most widely used NoSQL database that can be scale easily with minimal efforts.

BillRun built by BillRun Technologies Ltd. - company that support Open-Source in wide different fields and innovations.

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